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Carnaby Street girls (London, 1968)
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Grace Coddington 
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Sylvie Vartan 
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Jean Shrimpton (Vogue, 1968)
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1960s anti-war protest
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Image from Vogue Italia (1965)
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Stepping away from the Sixties for a moment…

My beloved Leicester City kicked Manchester United’s arse royally today! Bitter Man U fans will ironically, and without a hint of self-awareness, bemoan the ‘help’ from the ref, but the score speaks for itself - 5-3 after being 3-1 down! 

Passion, spirit and fire can’t be bought - we are One Lestah!

Update: I’ve lost a follower - must have been a Man U fan! ;)
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Playboy model Dianne Danford (1961)
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Marilyn Monroe at the 1960 Golden Globes 
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Song of the Day 

Strawberry Fields Forever - The Beatles 

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Jayne Mansfield 
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Celia Hammond for British Vogue (April 1968)
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Frank Sinatra in rehearsal at the Sands Hotel (Las Vegas, 1960)
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Sixties Pierre Cardin fashion
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The Kinks 
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