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Ann Margret 
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Song of the Day 

Here Come the Nice - The Small Faces 

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Artist Niki de Saint Phalle photographed by Dennis Hopper (1963)
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Keith Richards 
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Elvis Presley in Speedway (1968)
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Playboy model Kim Farber (1967)
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Jerry Garcia (1969)
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Natalie Wood in Gypsy (1962)
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Jim Morrison 
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Mia Farrow 
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Chelsea girls (London, 1967)
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Anita Pallenberg (1969)
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This is the gorgeous Kate Upton, being paid to do what she does best. 

Please don’t share, like or reblog the stolen images that were taken from a young woman’s personal property. Every time you do that, you violate her all over again. 

I really hope the vile human being who set out to embarrass and degrade successful young women gets what’s coming to him. 

The successful women who have been unfortunate enough to be targeted by this criminal have nothing to be ashamed of 

I’m really heartened that I have such amazing followers. The criminal (he is a criminal, he’s not a hacker - hackers expose the misdeeds of the powerful, not tap into the phones of young women like a grotty porno vendor) deserves everything coming his way. 

And I really think it’s backfired 100% on this loser - everyone seems to be supporting the women affected, not applauding the ‘genius’ of this lowlife. 

I’m not going to post anymore about this, I just wanted to say my piece because I’m a proud feminist and nothing grinds on me harder than women being victimised for behaviour that everyone indulges in at least once in their life. 

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This is the only picture of Jennifer Lawrence I’m sharing - successful and not giving a fuck #JenniferLawrence #LeaveTheGirlAlone
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Song of the Day 

Dressed in Black - The Shangri-Las 

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